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Unformatted text preview: a * intensity = Mg ha-1 * ha * crops yr-1 http://www.fao.org/fileadmin/templates/nr/images/resources/images/Maps/geonetwork/probland.png Yield potential Yield potential: the maximum yield possible for an environment in the absence of biotic and abiotic stresses (no pests, weeds, nutrient or water limitations) Are the yield potentials of corn in Davis and Seattle different? yes bc sun is major thing, bc davis during the summer has no clouds compare to seattle which have some sun during the sun. From: Duvick and Cassman (1999) Yield potential Bio-tech? BAU 2050 when we carry this to the future we are not going to increase the yeild. From: Duvick and Cassman (1999) Tollenaar’s calculations • https://s10.lite.msu.edu/res/msu/botonl/b_o nline/library/maize/www.ag.iastate.edu/depa rtments/agronomy/yield.html Text Plant Growth Substances - Auxin • Problem 3: How much irrigation water does the central grassed area at the West Village (38.541486,-121.771304; Google coordinates) need each day relative to how much it actually gets? Define a season for your answer (maybe the current date). Plant Growth Substances - Auxin What processes define the water use of grass? Plant Growth Substances - Auxin CYTOkinin is another growth substance. Plant growth versus animal growth • Differentiated cells in plants retain ability to divide – When stimulated they can divide differentiated cells dividing • E.g. Leaf abscission zones at base of petiole • E.g. Wounds • E.g. galls • Obviously not xylem vessels or phloem sieve tubes! Why??? causes division and healing when infected by fungi or wasp, they produce this gall…. not a good thing. not a functional produciton they dont divide bc xylems are dead, and phloem doesnt divide bc they dont have nucleus. galls Plant Growth Substances - Cytokinins Plant growth • Tissue culture - growing pieces of plants in test tubes root will grow in culture – Roots grow in culture without hormones – Stems require hormones – Once stems produce roots they don’t need those hormones – Undifferentiated tissue - Callus – Coconut milk stimulated callus growth (so did tomato juice, adenine, aged herring sper...
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