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Psy 123_Lec 6

discussed in the textbook on the section entitled

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Unformatted text preview: l by voxel basis.! Discussed in the textbook on the section entitled “Mind Reading,” pages 261 – 269.! Depend on having a good understanding of how vision is process in the brain, but also shows fMRI technique. In a nutshell, had participants watch a movie and then could reconstruct what they watched from looking at the fMRI. Know a lot about how visual cortex responds to a lot of these features. Not the first study to do this, but different in that went from looking at static images to moving images. The challenge is that the BOLD reading is delayed. Have to know certain things about the brain already for A. The hemodynamic response (HRF) at each voxel in the visual cortex for unknown movie V1, V4 areas do. The fusiform-face ex, what the clips. Can the observed signal be decoded to reconstruct the movie the subjects were watching?! a larger area than some other area covers areas. So reconstructions can only be so good because the poxels contains millions of the neurons so can't dete...
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