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Psy 123_Lec 6

maintains retinotopic mapping maintained from the

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Unformatted text preview: he contralateral side of space, relative to the center of gaze.! Maintains retinotopic mapping. Maintained from the retina to the V1, and all these areas as well. If this eyeball is looking straighthead at point B, the light will be shown on the B on the retina, and C to C etc. etc. Maintain retinotopic mapping in the thalamus, and the thalamus sends projections to V1… And this is useful b/c if you do an fMRI study you can map out visual cortex relatively accuratly and by moving light can map out spatial for each individual subjects. The Nature of Receptive Fields! Hierarchical Organization?! Each distinct visual area has its own retinotopic mapping.! As one area projects to the next area, the retinotopic mapping is preserved.! Many early visual areas tend to converge onto a single visual area, making the responsiveness of the visual areas more complex as the processing travels further downstream.! As a result, the receptive fields also become larger.! But, the visual system is not entirely hie...
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