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Neurons spontaneously recording every once in a while

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Unformatted text preview: me active when at a particular orientation in the visual field. Neurons spontaneously recording every once in a while. Neurons around also had an effect, so if light was shining on neighbor, could inhibit the cell from firing at all (lateral inhibition property). Cells in the thalamus.. The Nature of Receptive Fields! Neurons within Area MT are tuned to motion in a particular direction! These neurons typically have a tuning property. They are responsive to the light that is moving in a particular direction. The neuron in this different areas have a peak response in the particular stimulus feature they are sensitive too (orientation, direction of the light, etc). Studies were able to show that the Area V4 is sensitive to color and MT is sensitive in motion. The Nature of Receptive Fields! Area V4 processes color! Area MT processes motion! The Nature of Receptive Fields! Retinotopic Mapping! A topographic representation in the visual cortex that reflects spatial properties of the environment in an eye-based reference frame. For example, primary visual cortex contains a retinotopic map of t...
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