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Scotoma damage to the primary visual cortex that can

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Unformatted text preview: he striate cortex will lead to blindness! Scotoma: damage to the primary visual cortex that can cause blindness in the corresponding area of the visual field. Blindsight: the ability of patients to respond to stimuli in their scotomas even though they have no conscious awareness of the stimuli. If damaged in V1 causes cortical blindness; just as blind as if your eyes were removed. This are called scotomas (blindness) usually occurs in stroke patients, and will cause blindness in particular fields (for ex. if in right, blindness in left visual field). Visual Pathway! Blindsight! Visual Capacity in the Hemianopic Field Following a Restricted Occipital Ablation! Brain (1974)! Weiskrantz, Warrington, Sanders, & Marshall ! Hypothesis: ! That secondary pathways from LGN to extrastriate regions bypass V1 can lead to unconscious processing of stimuli.! Blightsight people have a scotoma in their visual field and have no cognitive knowledge of their vision, but still respond to certain aspects of vision. Basically shown a light in a particular part of the visual field and in...
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