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Then 18 million seconds of movie clips were sampled

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Unformatted text preview: istics of each viewed movie clip. Then, 18 million seconds of movie clips were sampled from the internet and applied to the voxel-based encoding models to produce a predicted HRF for each of the 18 million clips. ! The movie based solely on the brain activity from the visual cortex!! Example of an image they were able to reconstruct based on their brain activity alone. A lot of cognitive neuroscience has been trying to create and study something like this for many years. Looking in a voxel basis (like 1 million neurons in one space) yet still able to construct this. The pattern of BOLD response in the visual cortex to particular features in the visual field is quite predictable. Therefore, brain activity can be decoded to infer what a subject is looking at (e.g., a face or a car).! transducing light energy into a neural signal! visual pathway! the nature of receptive fields! retinotopic mapping! hierarchical organization?! multimodal integration! The reason why this study is a good one for this particular section is b/c the models that they uses took a good u...
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