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However hard to nd double dissociation between

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Unformatted text preview: to find double dissociation between priming and episodic memory. Can find patients who have no episodic memory but still have priming effect, but not the other way around. Its probably due to the initial visual input is necessary to component of Grill-Spector, memory systems, so if that is knocked out, won't have priming, but won't have episodic memory as well. repetition suppression! Henson, & Martin (2006)! Semantic memory = facts about the world. Declarative memory. Squire would say there is no difference between semantic memory and episodic memory, that these patients have just as much trouble learning facts about the world as they do new events. Tulving would say that the patients can learn new semantic info given time. The major distinction between the two, is that episodic memory has to do with us being somewhere in the past (mental time travel) whereas semantic memory is not tied to any one occurance (and general knowledge about the world) For example, who is the president of the US? Not alway obvious answer: When did you graduate from high school? Do you remember the scene in JAWs.. A: Semantic memory b/c don't need to remember HS graduation to answer that question. Theory of Multiple Memory Systems! Memory is not a single brain system, but multiple systems with different psychological functions and different underlying brain structures.! Semantic Memory and Association Cortex! A form of declarative memory that consists of knowledge about facts that one has learned, but does not include knowledge of the context in which the learning occurred.! Martin & Chao (2001)! Semantic memory = less clear what brain regions underlie it than any of the other memory systems. There is no single area that knocks out semantic memory, thus is is distributed across many areas of the cortex. in terms of where, it is found in the association cortex, but probably in a very diffuse way. A lot of controversy whether the memory system is really distinct and dissociable from episodic memory. Many r...
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