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is the pfc a storage site or is involved only in

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Unformatted text preview: y cortex even though there was no auditory stimuli.! Is the PFC a storage site, or is involved only in retrieval. Memory appears to be stored across the brain, and the PFC may be involved in processes that are there during encoding. When retreiving, may be reactivating all these processes again (reactivation hypothesis). In this PET study, participant would view word which were paired with or without a sound. They were then shown words and simply had to say whether the word was new or old. Found that more cortex light up, and the auditory cortex would light up when encoded with a sound vs without. In the test, they found when retrieving words with the sound, the auditory cortex became re-activated. Content vs. Control: Cortical Influences on Encoding and Retrieval! Building Memories: Remembering and Forgetting of Verbal Experiences as Predicted by Brain Activity! Wagner et al. (1998) Science! The prefrontal cortex retrieves from semantic knowledge and it elaborates on to-beremembered items or events.! The encoding of items and events within the medial temporal lobe is rapid and flexible, i.e., it can be influenced in a single trial by the processing of the p...
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