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reactivation of the mtl and the vmpfc was evident

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Unformatted text preview: related through its association with the overlapping object.! Reactivation of the MTL and the vmPFC was evident for the directly learned object. However, it was also evident for the inferred object.! Memory representations are not necessarily veridical representations of the past.! Had people learn the association between objects. Each has one object that is directly associated (A with B, B with C), and indirectly associated (A with C). Asked will the MTL be activated with indirect associated objects? Yes. Reactivation seems to be important for things that are directly associated with each other, but also seems to be important for things that are just inferred. Suggest hippocampus isn't just simply memorizing exactly how they are, but making inferences and connections with things you've already experienced Content vs. Control: Cortical Influences on Encoding and Retrieval! Successful retrieval effect: You can separate trials in another way by contrasting a correctly retrieved old item with a correctly rejected item. See large ares of the PFC and parietal that are activated. Something that has memory content vs something without memory content. The...
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