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Many hypothesis about what is driving this affect the

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Unformatted text preview: idea of making this contrast is getting at the memory aspect. Many hypothesis about what is driving this affect. The Successful Retrieval Effect! More brain activity for correctly retrieving an old item than for correctly rejecting a new item.! Some hypotheses related to memory contents:! Output buffer: the contents from retrieving an old item is kept in a working memory buffer until a decision is made.! Mnemonic accumulator: a device that accumulates memory evidence from different sources until a decision is made.! Output Buffer is holding the memory content in your mind as a buffer until a decision can be made about it. The Mnemonic accumulator is a device in the cortex that is accumulating information from different sources and has to make a decision on whether you saw that word or not. Content vs. Control: Cortical Influences on Encoding and Retrieval! Adapting to a Cautious State of Mind During a Recognition Test: A Large-Scale fMRI Study! Aminoff, E. M., Freeman, S., Clewett, D., Tipper, C., Frithsen, A., Johnson, A., Grafton, S. T., & Miller, M. B. ! (under review)! Successful Retrieval: correctly remembering an old item > correctly rejecting a new item! When subjects realize that very few of the test items were from the study sess...
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