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Psy 123_Lec 12 Memory

Scanned when studying list of words and then given

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Unformatted text preview: hen people forgot words. Scanned when studying list of words and then given recognition test in order to see which words they actually remembered and which ones they forgot. Using the event-related analysis, you can pull out those trials and bend them together, thus alllowiing you to compare all the trails when the subjects remembered the words vs when they forgot the words. Found that the PFC, MTL, parahippocampal gyrus, activation when people remembered. They are active at the same time, so interacting in some way. The PFC is somehow helping to encode these words. Building Memories: Remembering and Forgetting of Verbal Experiences as Predicted by Brain Activity! Wagner et al. (1998) Science! Where’s the medial temporal lobe activation?! - The “Subsequent Memory” effect reveals both PFC and MTL involvement.! - The prefrontal cortex is significantly involved in the encoding of episodic memories.! Comparison of a blocked design (Fig A) with an event-related design (Fig B). The used a levels-ofprocessing to manipulate encoding (abstract/ concrete = deep, while uppercase/lowercase = shallow). As shown in Figs A & B, this contrast typically ac...
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