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Extensive evidence indicates that stress hormones

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Unformatted text preview: o regulate the strength of memory. Extensive evidence indicates that stress hormones released by the adrenal glands, epinephrine and corticosterone (cortisol in humans) by emotionally arousing experiences play an important role in modulating memory.”! McGaugh & Roozendaal (2008) Modulation of memory. Scholarpedia, 3(6):3453.! The amygdala is connected to other things, the other interesting structure that the amygdala is connected to is the hippocampus. It appears that it plays a role in encoding the memories as well. Very important in the encoding of memories and can be influenced by processing in the amygdala, so stress hormone can have a direct impact on the amygdala and can influence among other things. Memory Distortions Develop Over Time: Recollections of the O.J. Simpson Trial Verdict After 15 and 32 Months Schmolck, Buffalo, & Squire (2000) Psychological Science! Subjects were questioned about their recollection of hearing the verdict of the O.J. Simpson murder trial 3 days after the event. Subjects were again questioned about their recollections either 15 or 32 months after the verdict. Distortions between the two recollections were analyzed. Major distortion (Subject M.G.):! Recollection (3 days): I was in the Commuter Lounge at Revelle College and saw it on T.V. As 10:00 approached, more and more people came into the room. We kept having to turn up the volume, but it was kind of cool. Everyone was talking.! Recollection (32 months): I first heard it while I was watching TV. At home in my living room. My sister and father were with me. Doing nothing in particular, eating and watching how the news station was covering different groups of viewers just waiting to hear the verdict. I think that the focus was mostly on law students and their reactions to the verdict.! Over time, the only factor that was related to the accuracy of the memory was the emotional reaction.!...
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