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Psy 123_Lec 13 Emotion

This is where the obf comes in appears to be the main

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Unformatted text preview: ygdala is important as well. This is where the OBF comes in, appears to be the main arbiter of these emotions and bodily responses. It is important in determining what information/ modulating it. Damage to the OBF causes flattening of emotions, but also show inappropriate emotions Amygdala damage versus Orbitofrontal damage Amygdala damage (red) can lead to problems in learned associations between emotions and stimuli – fear conditioning. Orbitofrontal damage (yellow) can also lead to a flattening of affect and/or inability to regulate and modulate emotional responses. Orbitofrontal Cortex: inhibitory control & emotional regulation! Somatic Marker Hypothesis! Emotional responses or processes that help to guide decision-making! The ! Gambling ! Task! Somatic Marker Hypothesis: A lot of decisions we make have an emotional component to it. Emotions actually help us in making good decisions. OBF incorporates those learned associates w/ the choices that it has to make. The Iowa Gambling Task = has 2 decks of cards to choose from, and each card either gives a pay off or loss. One deck has small payoffs, but also small losses (it takes a long time but will get more money than the other deck). The other deck has large pay-offs but huge losses, thus do not build up a huge pot. Found when done w/ amydgala damage patients, they kept w/ deck B even though led to losses. Its almost that they didn't adjust or change their behavior in response to those losses. This is a big part of problems Phineas Gage had, so acted inappropriate, made risky decisions, and was unable to modulate his actions in the appropriate ways. Phineas Gage! Disconnections in the pathways between the amygdala and the orbitofrontal cortex! The limbic system amygdala orbitofrontal cortex Activity from the amygdala can modulate memory! “The susceptibility of memory consolidation to modulating influences occurring after learning episodes enables neurobiological processes activated by emotional arousal t...
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