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Psy 123_Lec 14 Language

development in 1950s he was taken w wernickes work

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Unformatted text preview: nx and related structures to say the word.! Development in 1950s. He was taken w/ Wernicke's work in the late 1800s. Build on the idea of modular functions of language. So the idea is if you are to speak a word that you hear, the model would work like this, the info comes in the primary auditory cortex, then it is transmitted to Wernicke's area, which is then sent to posteriorlly to the parietal lobe. It is then going to take that sounds, and figure out what is associated with those components. So it transforms that auditory sound into language comprehension and sent to Broca's area. So the information must be sent across the arcuate fasiculus. Once its in Broca's area, you have to produce that word. So Broca's area is responsible for the 1st motor plan to to product that word, and sent to the premotor area and then to the motor cortex, at which point, the motor cortex implements the language plan & coordinate the muscles in the larynx and voice box. Very straight forward predictions as to what damage to each area what the effects would be. Classic Models of Language Processing! The Wernicke-Geschwind Model of Language! 1. Visual cortex analyzes the image and transmits the information about the image to the angular gyrus.! 2. The angular gyrus decodes the image information to recognize the word and associate this visual form with the spoken form in Wernicke’s area.! 3. Information about the word is transmitted via the arcuate fasiculus to Broca’s area.! 4. Broca’s area formulates a motor plan to say the appropriate word and transmits that plan to the motor cortex for implentation.! 27:00 This model could also be applied to visual word forms. Speaking the written word is much more complicated because must first have training on what the visual word means; but once you have it down through training and schooling, you can transform that into the language system. The first step is to take the visual information through V1 and it gets translated to the angular gyrus. Visual wor...
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