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Psy 123_Lec 14 Language

Probably has issues reading as well since visual word

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Unformatted text preview: bc now isolated from people. What he is saying sounds right, but has no connection to the questions he is being asked. Probably has issues reading as well, since visual word form has to be transformed by the angular gyrus and then is sent into Wernicke's area. Tend to be institutionalized because they can't function, whereas Broca's are not bc they often can find ways to communicate. Wernicke's patients use to be lumped in w/ Schizophrenic patients. Wernicke's are not always aware they have a problem. Broca's patients are aware of their issue. Wernicke’s aphasia: problems in language comprehension! Brain Damage & Language Deficits! Apraxia: problems in speech production! Broca’s aphasia: problems in language production! Probably another module which includes "things about the world" or stored knowledge (semantics). The language system really depends on having access to alot of stored knowledge. And damage to these areas can lead to very specific loss of these processes. Wernicke’s aphasia: problems in language comprehension! Anomic aphasia: problems in naming objects! Very different from Broca's aphasia. He was very smart guy w/ IQ 160, and created medical supply co. in western Massachusetts. He is very articulate & has a good way of being able to talk around his inability to name objects. Naming object tends to be processed in inferotemporal lobe, but the storage may be widely distributed. Clearly hasn't lost all names of all objects, just certain objects. Classic Models of Language Processing! Broca’s area: responsible for expressive language, or language production.! Wernicke’s area: responsible for receptive language, or language comprehension.! Angular gyrus: responsible for comprehending language-related visual input necessary for reading and writing.! Arcuate fasciculus: the white fiber pathway that connects Wernicke’s area to Broca’s area.! All this put together forms the Classical Theory of Language Processing. The usefulness...
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