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There is a limit to how much you can teach them 200

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Unformatted text preview: ge. There is a limit to how much you can teach them (200-300 words; and not used in a creative way). What is interesting about language is that only a minimal amount of stimulus or interaction is needed for a child to learn language, however this is critical period for learning language (7- 9 years old). Extremely rare to find child with no interactions with human beings. Extreme case of child abuse, where an 11-year child was kept in a closet for her life. Was eventually able to learn activities to function normally, but could never learn more than 200-300 words. Other research shows/argues there is not a need for a specialized structure for language. 14:00 Ojemann was a neurosurgeon & used cortical stimulation before surgery. He was particularly interested in the sites for language deductions (being able to name pictures shown to subjects). He analyzed these sites for language deductions across 117 different patients. Very influential study bc shifted the way about how researchers thought language was organized in the brain. Since the 1900s (since Paul Broca was studying Broca's areas & damage to the prefrontal gyrus interrupted language production and nothing else) it was thought that the brain was organized in a very modular fashion, and that language itself was modulated in specialized regions. John Hughlins Jackson was also studying patients w/ speech aphasia and he acknowledged that there was a common area of damage between patients, but there was also a lot of damage to other areas that didn't produce language problems in some patients, and did in others. Paul Broca! 1824 -1880! John Hughlings Jackson! 1835 -1911! The Modular Nature of Language! The Variable Nature of Language! Ojemann stimulated different areas and marked which caused language disruptions. Each grid is the # of patients in which he found language disruption. Each dot represents one individual. Shows that the majority of disruption occurs in Broca's areas, in inferior portion of the PFC. Its also the case that getting distruption in many different areas besides that area as well (for ex, in the temp...
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