Psy 123_Lec 15 Cognitive Control

Must pay attention to 1 of 2 dimensions so for color

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Unformatted text preview: pay attention to 1 of 2 dimensions. So for color, must pay attention to red object w/ target. Then cued to switch, the target stays the same, but now must response to whether the target is in the square, so has nothing to do w/ color now, just the shape of the object. Wait til you see the target in the square. In this you are not changing the motor response, you are changing the visual dimension you have to pay attention to. The next step was to put these patients in the scanner and localtze where these things were occurring in the brain. If you compare these switch trials to the stay trials, and contrast the two, where are you going to see brain activity? They found activity in the PFC, particularly in the medial dorsal regions when you have to switch vs not switching. For each individual subject can plot where it is occurring in the brain. Now with that info, can use TMS to transiently lesion that area right after the switch cue, and see if you can disrupt their ability to switch. The important about this, especially since this is more of a causal design, is that you have to have sham trails (where you stimulate another part of the brain under the same conditions to make sure you are not getting the same disruption in some other part of the brain. Typically takes them longer when they have to make a switch than when they don't have to make a switch (which is normal). But w/ the TMS, they found it took much longer when they have the TMS on the response switch trial in the dorsomedial. Important what is happening for the control trials -- find no difference in no-TMS vs TMS (so having no influence) for both the response switch in the posterior midline control, and visual switch of dorsomedial. Frontal Lobes! motor cortex! area M1. Sit anterior to the central sulcus, strip of cortex w/ different homunculus Just anterior to M1; premotor planning and action. Part of motor cortex premotor areas! doroslateral prefrontal! ventrolateral prefrontal! Emotion processing; wrap around underneath frontal lobes orbital prefrontal ! Overlap...
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