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Found that dmn is strongly correlated with how much

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Unformatted text preview: the mind to drift. Then looked to see what brain areas are correlated with mind wandering. Found that DMN is strongly correlated with how much somebody mind wanders. Not even clear if other animals have a DMN. Science, 2007! The Default Mode Network of the Brain! The Functionality of the DMN! Forms of Self Projection! (a) Remembering involves simulating the past! Reliving in his mind a particular moment (b) Prospection involves simulating a possible future event!Stimulating what he needs to do next (c) Theory of mind involves conceiving another person’s perspective!Maybe imagining what she is thinking. (d) Navigation – or topographic orientation – involves simulating another view or mapping the environment! Thinking about the environment as a whole; Suggest the DMN may be a form of self projection or self stimulation. It could be that the brain is stimulating different scenarios. Perhaps allows us to make predictions about the world, or form strategies for social interactions. Buckner & Carroll (2007) Trends in Cognitive Science! “The idea that there may be a physical structure in the brain in which we unconsciously define who we are would warm Freud’s heart” - Dr. Marcus Raichle! Specialized Brain Mechanisms for Theory of Mind & Moral Reasoning ! A lot of universal moral reasoning -- perhaps hard wired in our brains? One example of moral reason/moral dilemma is the trolley car dilemma. Do you kill somebody in order to save the lives of 5 other people. Appears to be connections between moral reasoning and certain brain regions. One of those dimensions is the theory of mind -- in order make these judgments, and decisions, must be able to empathize with other people, think what other people are thinking, did they intend to do harm or not? This has been implied in autism and other disorders. The Trolley Car Dilemma! Specialized Brain Mechanisms for Theory of Mind & Moral Reasoning ! Theory of Mind ! The ability to self-reflect and think about the mental states of others. This allows predictions of what others think, and how they will interact and behave in a given situation. ! Specialized Brain Mechanisms for Theory of Mind & Moral Reasoning ! Dorsal Medial Prefrontal Cortex! Neural correlates of detecting pretense: imaging the intentional stance under covert conditions! T. German, J. Niehaus, M. Roarty, & M. Miller (2005) J. of Cognitive Neuroscience ! real action! ~ 5 seconds! pretend action! ~ 5 seconds! Pretend Actions ! vs. Real Actions ! (covert condition)! z = 33! What brain regions underlie the theory of mind? One we already know is the medial PFC. z = 27! z = -3! z = -15! Specialized Brain Mechanisms for Theory of Mind & Moral Reasoning ! Right Temporal Parietal Junction! Right TPJ is also activate during theory of mind. Study by Young & Saxe looking at a moral judgement task, where they looked at whether the actions of another agent was morally permissive or forbidden. In order to know whether someone's m...
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