Psy 123_Lec 17 Conscious Free Will

Consciousness can be reduced down to the most basic

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Unformatted text preview: sciousness (for example build robot w/ conscious awareness). Consciousness can be reduced down to the most basic neural events of the brain. What is Consciousness?! Perspectives from all fields of study/ Theoretical perspectives on consciousness and free will:! Determinism: that the universe and everything in it are governed by causal laws and are the mind, if we could understand them to their predictable, including human behavior and all aspects of the mind. Human behavior andpredict everything we do. That consciousness isfull extent, we would be able to hardwired into our brain. Chaos: all complex systems have random variations that creates dynamic instability, which means Can also be very deterministic and reductionistic, but has an added that processes can be deterministic and unpredictable at the same time.component.. When you have 2 bodies that interacting w/ each other there are random variable that occurs in a complex systems that creates some dynamic instability. Basically saying that the mind could be determinalistic, but in a unpredictable way. Quantum Theory: establishes that events at the sub-atomic level are probabilistic and not deterministic, which means that different universal laws may apply to different levels of physics; to observe the things that we see out in the world, it can explained natural laws. Once you look sub-atomic level, organization. Comes fromno longer If you wererules are no longer deterministic, but instead probabilistic, all becan have 2 via causalany one time. Consciousness at thejust be on a different those rules apply, the and states at may level of organization Emergence: is the arising of a new structure, with a new level of organization and new properties, that occurs during the self-organization of a complex system, and the resulting system is not obvious fields like engineering that study complex systems. Can have properties that emerge from that from the properties of the individual parts. Uses info fromindividual parts or components. Just like traffic that occurs on the freeway, is an emergencethese systemsall theis not evident as properties o...
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