Psy 123_Lec 17 Conscious Free Will

So their conscious awareness was absent but still

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Unformatted text preview: s of it occurring. Like the blindsight patient who was flashed a light and could move their eyes to that light, even though had no idea of what they were doing. So their conscious awareness was absent, but still getting that information in some way. How active does the PFC have to be, to have conscious awareness? Blindsight:! Residual visual abilities within a visual field defect (scotoma) in the absence of acknowledged awareness.! Fendrich, Wessinger, & Gazzaniga (1992) Neural Correlates of Consciousness! Attention! Unilateral Spatial Neglect! A behavioral pattern exhibited by neurological patients with lesions to the parietal lobe (usually in the right hemisphere), in which they fail or are slow in acknowledging objects or events in the hemispace opposite their lesion.! Either something grabs our attention or directs our attention is some way. Lot of things that occur outside of out conscious awareness. Just like the change-blindness awareness studies, where things could be changing right in front of you and we don't notice it until we direct our attention there, a little higher order function Neglect patients are not blind in that part of the visual field, but neglect it, and don't pay attention to it. That could be a form of consciousness as well; that you have to focus on something and bring it in before you become consciously aware of it, and work on it and keep it in mind. Have cogntive control outside the realm of consciousness. Neural Correlates of Consciousness! Interpretation! When Do We Become Conscious of Our Thoughts?! split-brain patients The interpreter is a left-brain system that seeks explanations for internal and external events in order to produce appropriate response behaviors.! Work of Gazziniga = consciousness isn't really isn't really coming about until you start making decisions and rationalizations of what you are doing. For example, Joe, which was flashed to stand up on his left visual field, and he stands up, and not until he is asked about does he realize what he is doing. Its not until we focus our interpreter on...
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