Psy 123_Lec 17 Conscious Free Will

So very difcult diagnosis if in that state for more

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Unformatted text preview: ll are consciously aware. So very difficult diagnosis… if in that state for more than a year, very unlikely of coming back, so may take off life support. Used neuroimaging to get an indiction of what the mind is doing -- can we use it to make a better diagnoses of the state that these patients are in. This study was carried out in a 23 year woman -- 5 fives after brain injury was diagnosed as being in vegetative state -- 11 mo. after, they conducted the study on her. She didn't respond to any instructions, and normal in a vegetative state are reflexive movements & sleep-wake cycle. But didn't appear to respond to any kind of instruction. Put woman in the scanner, if any conscious awareness, she would be able to at least mentally respond to simple instructions -- told her to imagine playing tennis -- and the SMA light up (involved in motor planning & would light up in a normal brain). In other moments was instructed to imagine navigated through her house -- when normal structures do that you get the PMC, but also Posterior Parietal cortex (PPC) -- and hers light up as well. Two robust signals in a healthy brain, that occured in this woman. So she was able to switch back and forth between two sets of instructions. So it was determined she was not in a vegetative state, but a minimally conscious state. Carried out in other patients as well and sometime it works and sometimes it doesn't What is Consciousness?! The big question in cognitive neuroscience. Addressed in numerous books. The "Hard" problem. No clear standard for what consciousness is. What is Consciousness?! The “hard problem”: how to define and measure the phenomenological Is conciousness something that occurs outside the body, and then is experience associated with being conscious. ! The Mind/Body Problem Consciousness resides outside of the body, in what René Descartes called the realm of thought (dualism). communicated to the body (view of Descartes). Most neuroscientists believe consciousness emerges from the body. A true reductionist says that if you can break down the mind into its basic parts, it could be reassembled to form con...
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