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Name:Shane Devers Week 1 Activity—Pseudocode and Visual Basic TCO 1—Given a simple business problem, design and desk-check a solution that is expressed in terms of pseudocode, flowchart, and/or input-process-output (IPO) diagrams. Assignment This activity will assist you in the understanding of how output should appear after statements are executed (results) and how to write proper pseudocode, as well as the relationship between pseudocode, flowcharts, and programming language code. 1. Show the result of each pseudocode program. 2. Also rewrite the pseudocode statements or flowchart using Assignment statements. Rubric When completed, compile the following documents together neatly in order. 1) This instruction sheet first 2) Your answer sheet second Point distribution for this activity: Activity Document Points possible Points received Problem #1 6 Problem #2 6 Problem #3 8 Total Points 20
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Example The variable A starts with value 5. Add 1 to
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