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All team members were photograph along with the

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Unformatted text preview: rous success stories for the organization, as well as general information and news. It is updated frequently and is focused on promoting its cause and constantly recognizes volunteers for individual achievements. https://www.facebook.com/SWITCHClinic 21 Item 22 SWITCH Website SWITCH’s website educates the public about the organization and has scheduling information for volunteers. There is also how the organization was started and how the community can get involved. http://switchclinic.ca/about/our- organization/ 22 Item 23 SWITCH YouTube Video This YouTube video is a collection of interviews from community members and members of SWITCH that explain the importance and benefits about having SWITCH as apart of the core area in Saskatoon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9tiCiPI8L4 23 Item 24 PIRG Article in The Sheaf The University of Saskatchewan’s student newspaper continuously runs articles about student groups that are trying to be ratified by the Student Union. When the Saskatoon chapter of PIRG was trying to achieve ratification, The Sheaf ran an article about the cause, specifically the University of Regina’s chapter, and its success. http://thesheaf.com/2013/03/27/students- in- need- of- social- justice- look- to- pirgs/ 24 Item 25 PIRG Facebook Page PIRG uses Facebook as a way to share information and gain awareness. The University of Saskatchewan’s PIRG does not have it’s own website, so it is using Facebook as a replacement. https://www.facebook.com/SaskatoonPublicInterestResearchGroup 25 Item 26 WUSC Website Homepage WUSC’s home page informs visitors about the key mission of the organization is a concise way. The tabs on the left provide an easy way to navigate the content of the organization regarding the specific social issues WUSC is targeting. http://wusc.usask.ca/page/about 26 Item 27 WUSC Website - Causes The website provides an in- depth explanation of each social issue that WUSC targets. It gives a history of each issue that includes concrete numbers and locations. It also gives the end goal that WUSC wishes to achieve and how it differentiates itself from similar programs. http://wusc.usask.ca/page/srp 27 Item 28 JDC WEST Email JDC sent out a promotion through the Edwards School of Business Student Society Newsletter, regarding...
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