They occasionally post interesting articles but they

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Unformatted text preview: text heavy. It has 7 paragraphs of fairly small text with small banner pictures at the top and bottom much like the habitat for humanity poster. The posters are located on most of the bulletin boards around Edwards and are featured outside the EBSS office. Edwards School of Business Bulletin Boards 5 Item 6 EBSS Recruitment Poster Item 6 is a recruitment poster from the EBSS. This poster features a very large EBSS logo on the bottom, and a large golden title at the top with a box of text underneath it that is promoting the society. The purpose of this poster is to advertise two open positions with the EBSS; the writing is plain black on white poster with almost no color other than the gold title and a thin green boarder. These posters are located throughout Edwards and are also featured outside the EBSS offices. Edwards School of Business Bulletin Boards 6 Item 7 EBSS Facebook Page Item 7 are the Facebook page for the EBSS. The page has been around since 2010 just like most other groups pages. There is lots of information about Edwards events and EBSS events and information. They occasionally post interesting articles but they mainly focus on promoting their own events. There is lots of green on the page and their profile picture is their logo. 7 Item 8 Do Something Facebook Page Do Something’s Facebook page is item number 8. The Facebook page was created this year and is visibly underdeveloped. The page features their logo as the profile picture and no cover photo, which leaves the page with a gigantic, empty space at the top. The page itself covers many activities the organization is doing promotionally and several interesting articles. There are also pictures of people from the organization that gives the page a more personal feel. 8 Item 9 Do Something Promotional Event Item number 9 was personal promotion event ran by Do Something. They were set up in the arts tunnel giving information to students and promoting...
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