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This bulletin board is located in between the second

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Unformatted text preview: Found in Edwards room 116 and Tim Hortons in Arts Tunnel 1 Item 2 AIESEC Bulletin Board The second item for AIESEC is an entire bulletin board. The bulletin board featured several AIESEC posters most of them with information about what people from the University of Saskatchewan have done with the organization in the center of the bulletin, there was a small block of text that had information about the organization on one side and a small block of text that outlined internship opportunities. There was lots of blue on both the posters and the bulletin board. This bulletin board is located in between the second and third floor staircase between Edwards and arts. Found in Edwards/ Arts staircase on second floor 2 Item 3 AIESEC Saskatoon Facebook Page Just like the bulletin board and pamphlet there is lots of blue. Both the profile and cover photo are blue dominant. The page itself has been around since 2010 and features moderate information about the organizations chapter in Saskatoon. There are many motivational quotes and pictures posted on the page. Many of the AIESEC promotional materials feature different cultures and ethnicities. https://www.facebook.com/AIESEC.Saskatoon 3 Item 4 EBSS Partnership Poster Item is an EBSS poster that promotes their partnership with another social organization Habitat for Humanity. The poster gives information about the partnership and information about volunteer opportunities. The poster is dominated by text with a small banner picture at the top and bottom. There are 3 logos near the bottom of the poster with the Habitat for Humanity logo being the biggest. The poster did not have many colors or graphics that stood out. The posters are located on bulletin boards around Edwards. Edwards School of Business Bulletin Boards 4 Item 5 EBSS Information Poster Item 5 is an information poster from the EBSS. The poster is informing the students of Edwards about upcoming events relevant to the EBSS. The poster is a regular large poster, which is very...
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