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Unformatted text preview: 14 Item 15 National Mining Competition Website The NMC website has its logo, the University of Saskatchewan’s logo, and the Edwards School of Business logo along the top of the page. Below that are various tabs. Under that is to the point information about the event. 15 Item 16 National Mining Competition Recruitment Poster The NMC poster is aimed towards student recruitment. It is topped off by the NMC logo, with blocks of text containing information on how students can volunteer. The bottom of the poster shows the sponsor’s logo. Found in Edwards Building 16 Item 17 One Health Club Facebook Group This social media portal is used to share general information about the cause, upcoming events and to promote awareness of the brand with the members who have joined the group. Members are able to post and reply to messages, share files and photos an invite others into the group. 17 Item 18 One Health Initiative Website One Health Initiative’s website is very well done. There is general information about the organization, industry news, and upcoming events. This organization has done a wonderful job to try and educate their consumers. ` 18 Item 19 One Health Symposium Available on iTunes are 24 podcasts that may be viewed by general public. These podcasts are recorded lectures from the 2012 One Health Leadership Experience Symposium. Every year there are One Health leaders from around the world that share their expertise about ongoing issues, development in the field, and their personal opinions. Found on iTunes U 19 Item 20 Oxfam Facebook Page Oxfam’s Facebook page is a portal where members can view and comment on upcoming events, learn about the organization and what they are doing. The organization can update its events and connect to the chapters around the world. 21 Item 21 SWITCH Facebook Page SWITCH’s Facebook page has information regarding upcoming events, nume...
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