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25 appendix f contact information

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Unformatted text preview: and classroom visits. The promotional item will be a foam cube puzzle that features the Enactus logo on it and will fit in with our slogan “Infinite Possibilities”. It will be purchased through www.qualitylogoproducts.com and cost $1.16/cube for 14 750 pieces totaling $870. We are have also budgeted for a more functional direct marketing item that students can continuously use and keep with them. Branded USB devices will be a great way to spread the Enactus logo around campus, the devices will cost $6.75/unit for 250 units totaling $1688. For one of our guerrilla campaign we will be using a stand- alone door and frame to help us emphasize the “Opening the doors to opportunity” part of the campaign. We will be purchasing the door from Habitat for Humanity for $25, a door knob for $5 and building a stand alone frame to support the door as well as painting it to identify the association with Enactus. We have budgeted $175 for this. We are also allocating $200 to a “Marketing Opportunity”. This is $200 of workable money that should be used to capitalize on unforeseen opportunities that could emerge over the course of the semester. It is always important to keep money on hand in case opportunities emerge so the initiative can proactive and capitalize, instead of reactive and lose out. Lastly we will be budgeting for several small miscellaneous materials such as tape, tools, supplies etc. that will come out to $25. We will also be accounting for a custom stamp that will be used in association with the pamphlets, which will be $29. One cost that will not show up in the financials, but will be a major factor in the success in the implementation of this marketing strategy is human resources. It is going to take more human capital to implement the more frequent tunnel and classroom visits. This also means that social media will need to be utilized in a more strategic manner to better inform, engage, and attract followers. We are predicting this to equal around 10 volunteer hours a week. This does not include hours contributed to the core programs. Our total costs will come out to $4311.00 from a budget of $5000. We have $689 of workable capital to cover emergency unforeseen costs. Please see appendix J for a spreadsheet of the budget. 8.0 Additional Recommendations The first additional recommendation concerns sponsors. Increasing sponsorship is currently not a focus of Enactus’ internal goals. However, we do recommend developing a stronger relationship with the current sponsors. For example, hold an event similar to an Annual General Meeting with the sponsors, or send a document highlighting the accomplishments of Enactus. The second additional recommendation involves press releases. Writing press releases to send to local and national newsletters will aid with organization 15 awareness. We recommend that the content include general awareness information and goals that the organization has or aims to accomplish. The third additional recommendation is ordering a large- scale version of the foam cube from the promotional materials. This can be linked to future campaigns. This item will be associated with past campaign and will provide a reminder. 9.0 Permissions, Licenses, Partnerships The University’s Student Union partners with Enactus by qualifying it as a ratified group, giving Enactus many privileges throughout the University such as space to place posters for free and printing credits. The main concern revolves around permission to display posters and exhibits around campus. Facilities Management Division grants permission; please see contact information in Appendix F. Edwards School of Business requires permission from Brooke Klassen. 10.0 Implementation 10.1 Origami – Infinite Possibilities The promotional campaign will begin at the beginning of the second term of the 2013- 2014 University school year. Current Enactus volunteers will construct 800 origami pieces, in the week of January 6th- 10th. Each piece takes approximately two minutes to make, which is 27 hours of work. If 20 students volunteer, each student will need to make 40 pieces, which is an hour and a half of work. The first round of 200 origami pieces will be hung from the ceiling in the Arts Tunnel during January 14 (Tuesday) and 15 (Wednesday). On the 14 , two or three students will need to start hanging the origami at 8:30 am, so the promotion is ready for the rush of students coming out of classes at 9:...
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