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Unformatted text preview: identified means of information that Enactus has interest in is word of mouth, which will be influenced greatly by the promotions plan. 6.6 Channel Recommendations We will also be putting up a poster centered on the theme of “Opening the doors of opportunity through Enactus”. This theme will feature posters with targeted messages on the doors to classrooms and building entrances. We chose the doors to classrooms because taking classes opens up opportunities which fits with our theme targeting university students, but also, doors to classrooms are the most frequently opened doors throughout the university because they are the ones most likely to be closed for classes. We also decided to use building entrance doors because everyone must use them to enter the school. This campaign will be reaching both students in target markets A and B. The origami pamphlets will be tied closely with the guerilla- marketing channel because they are the main tools of execution in this strategy. During the time that the pamphlets are hung from the ceiling, Enactus members will also be set up in the tunnel to provide information, as well as to encourage students to take the origami down from the ceiling. We are choosing to do this in the Arts tunnel because of the traffic it gets in the wintertime. Hundreds of students pass through the tunnel every day to get to classes, different colleges, the library, or to get food from Lower Place Riel. It is also along the main route that many of our primary target audience members walk daily. 13 The TV slides will be used on the TV’s around campus. They will be our only form of television advertisement. We will use this as a passive way to reach audiences across the university. It is a good tool to utilize for this initiative because it is free to ratified groups. This will also be the case for newsletters; they are an effective free way to reach both our target audiences across the campus while utilizing previously organized student databases. For our direct marketing strategies we will be going directly to the target audience in the form of classroom visits and an Arts Tunnel booth. This is very strategic tool for this campaign because it allows the immediate identification, organization, and potential communication of identified members of the target groups. Classroom visits can be easily organized based on their relevance to the campaign, commerce classes, entrepreneurship classes, agriculture- business classes, engineering- business classes, and arts classes etc. Depending on the class it will be easy to identify the segments within the class. For example if Enactus wanted to raise awareness among lower year undergraduate students they would most likely get the best reception from students in 100- level arts classes, or if they wanted to spread interest in the initiative among entrepreneurship students they could easily find all the classes that featured entrepreneurship through a course search in the university course catalogue and contact the registered professor. 7.0 Budget The majority of this budget will be going toward our print related and direct marketing material that will be used to achieve awareness, provide information, and influence action. Since the budget and time constraints are limited, our focus is to minimize monetary costs as much as possible, and instead use unique strategies, as well as human resources. For the door campaign posters we will be using the services of XL printing on campus. We will be using 250 sheets of 11”x17” paper at a rate of $0.90/sheet. This will come out to cost $225. For our origami pamphlets we will also be using the services of XL printing on campus. The pamphlets will be printed on 8.5”x11” paper, we will print approx. 2000 sheets of paper at a rate of $0.45/sheet. This will come out to cost $900. Regarding our social media strategy the cost of using the social media package services of Sway will cost $50/month. The total cost of this service will be $200 over the 4- month semester. To support direct marketing we will be budgeting for a fun Swag item to use during tunnel...
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