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As a result many enactus initiatives are lacking the

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Unformatted text preview: let on Enactus, this will help individuals understand the scope of Enactus’ mission • Visit classes that can be linked to Enactus’ causes such as Native Studies, Finance, Environmental Students, Entrepreneurship etc. and talk to these students about Enactus’ mission Use media that the target audiences are familiar with to stay connected • Social Media and Email • Campus TV Slides iii 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Problem statement from the standpoint of Enactus Enactus strives to make the world more sustainable by utilizing entrepreneurial initiatives. Each chapters’ initiatives directly reflect the needs for its local community, and what its’ volunteers think is important. The issues faced are unique from chapter to chapter, but the focus lies in improving the well being of their respective communities. 1.2 Problem statement from the standpoint of the Social Cause Students who possess entrepreneurial curiosities along with a desire to make a positive impact in their community are unaware that Enactus is the perfect platform to combine these two interests together. As a result, many Enactus initiatives are lacking the necessary support to produce effective and sustainable results. 2.0 Organization 3.0 Environmental Analysis Enactus is a student run, volunteer based organization that mobilizes primarily business students to improve their communities in innovative ways, while creating socially responsible business leaders along the way. Formerly SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise), Enactus re- branded itself in 2012 to better encompass its main focus points to unify its global brand: ENtrepreneurship, ACTion, and US. (About Us, 2013) 3.1 Cause Enactus’ worldwide mission is to aid students in making a positive impact on their communities through the entrepreneurial spirit. It is not about ideas; it is about motivation and the willingness to act. Volunteers are able to develop skills that make them adept, innovative, and motivated leaders. The causes of the University of Saskatchewan chapter span across 6 different programs: · Aboriginal Youth Idea Challenge · Stock Market Challenge · Help Hunger Disappear · Oskayak Business Challenge · CENTSable · Green Galleries 1 The messages of which these causes stem from are entrepreneurial spirit, seeing possibility in the impossible, and finding solutions as a motivator to take action. Enactus’ purpose is to bring together individuals, particularly young adults, who want to see change in all sectors of the world. (Programs, 2013) 3.2 Environment 3.2.1 Economic Throughout the school year, there are many different organizations that are looking for volunteers, members, and funding. Currently, the statistics for volunteerism for individuals aged 15- 24 (58%) and 25- 34 (46%) are higher than any other age group (Stats Canada, 2013). In the same report, it has been stated that individuals that are more educated have a higher chance of volunteering. This is an excellent sign for all volunteer organizations around the university. However, it is also a weakness, as the most limiting factors for people volunteering are lack of time and immediate reward. As a university education is becoming increasingly expensive, working is the chosen substitute for volunteering. Thus the non- monetary benefits of Enactus’ social initiatives must be stressed to ensure a consistent rate of student volunteers. 3.2.2 Social Currently at the University of Saskatchewan, there are 20,726 students enrolled (Foster, 2013) for the 2013 fall term. As many of these students are either undergraduate students or enrolled in professional studies and are extremely busy, this leaves few students for volunteering and extracurricular activities. It also becomes difficult for organizations to gather volunteers when there are so many other options to increase the value of their resumes or to engage in social networks. However, as stated above, university students are much more likely to volunteer than full time working adults. 3.2.3 Technologica...
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