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As this is very difficult for many organizations

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Unformatted text preview: ents as they progress in their lives. As well as the obvious benefit of making their resume more attractive to potential employers, students can gain skills and knowledge from volunteering. (Rothwell and Charleston, 2013) suggest that students volunteer for “emotional capital development and authentic leadership” skills. Promoting these benefits will help to persuade students into joining or volunteering for Enactus. 6.4 Promotional Recommendations As for our promotion, we would like to focus on action orientated marketing initiatives as encouraged by Enactus’ marketing director. Last year, Enactus went under a major rebranding campaign by not only changing the name, but the look of the brand itself. Enactus’ new tag line is “Infinite Possibilities.” This tagline directly links with its new origami logo. In order to keep brand consistency, we would like to offer a campaign that uses the same logo. 6.4.1 Infinite Possibilities with Origami Our first promotional idea is to have 200 neon coloured Enactus logos folded into origami pieces hung from the ceiling of a high traffic area on campus. One example of these locations would be the Arts Tunnel. These Enactus logos would be a definite eye catcher to all students walking by. The colours of paper used would be similar to Enactus’ colour scheme of red, yellow, green, purple, and blue. The text on each paper would be in black ink. Each piece, when unfolded, would present an Enactus pamphlet. On these pamphlets, there would be contact and organization information, how to get involved, and possibly an explanation of some of the ongoing initiatives. To ensure that these origami pieces are taken down from the ceiling by passing by students, there will be a fold up wooden sign below the origami pointing to the pieces saying “READ ME!” This sign will also ensure that the message printed on the origami is read. If a student were to grab a piece of origami from the roof, they would end up with an Enactus pamphlet to educate them. There would be two Enactus team members handing out additional pre folded Enactus logo pamphlets that have information printed on either side. These pre folded pamphlets would be a great way to educate 9 students about the organization while drawing attention. A statement that we feel would be important to have on the pamphlets would be “Infinite Possibilities.” This low cost guerrilla marketing idea would ensure a unique campaign. This campaign would span over four different days. There will be a total of 2000 pamphlets printed out for both the actual origami pieces and pre folded hand out pamphlets. Please see appendix B for Enactus origami pamphlet. 6.4.2 “Open the Door to Future Opportunities” Campaign The next guerilla campaign capitalizes on the association of doors opening up to opportunities. Using a literal door can further illustrate the idea of “possibilities”. The door, purchased from Habitat for Humanity, will be placed around campus. The door will be a freestanding structure. There will be one piece of 2X4 plank parallel with the ground that stabilizes the door. The painted door will be built into a doorframe that will be fastened to the 2X4 to hold the door perpendicular to the ground. Please see appendix C for a visual representation of the door structure. The structure will be placed on the 3rd floor landing of ESB, in the Arts Tunnel, and the Geology building near the Tim Hortons. Two Enactus team members will stand with the door wearing Enactus T- shirts while handing out the origami pamphlets. The pre folded pamphlet is more of an attention grabber, versus handing out a regular sheet of paper. Numerous phrases will be painted on the door. Below are examples of message content that could potentially be displayed: • “Every door brings new opportunity” • “If opportunity knocks, will you answer?” • “Luck= Opportunity + Preparedness” • “The best way to predict the future is to cre...
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