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He spends most of his weekdays doing homework but is

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Unformatted text preview: Relevant to this goal, we will focus our efforts on students in the pre- contemplation and contemplation stages who require more awareness and information about the organization so that it can become more recognizable, and in turn have the audience be more receptive to future communications. This includes student who have been exposed to Enactus but not informed about the organization, or have yet to be exposed to the organization. This provides us with a good basis for finding whom we should target. Regarding our next goal we will focus on students in the preparation, and action stages so this plan can be the catalyst for their behavior change and influence them to start volunteering with Enactus. We are choosing not to segment based on physical or medical conditions because the purpose of this organization is to create positive community change through student initiative and entrepreneurial values. This initiative does not target physical or medical problems directly which means that our target audiences relevant to our goals do not need to be segmented based on these criteria. 4.2 Choice of Target Markets 4.2.1 Target Market A Our first target market is Edwards School of Business students, years 1- 3. The reason for targeting lower years is to reduce the turnover rate of volunteers, since Enactus only recruits university students. It is important that Enactus has repeat volunteers not only to help with the work but also to transfer knowledge and processes between old and new members. Currently, most of Enactus members are students enrolled at the Edwards School of Business; so saturating the market is the best option. These students are interested in creating change in the community, are looking to make friends, and build their resume along the way. They want to increase their volunteer hours, and they just need more information on Enactus to make their decision or solidify their perception. Because we are targeting these groups who have little to no information about Enactus it will be important to move in and create awareness while strategically developing their position in the minds of the target audience. 4.2.2 Target Market B Our second target market is all other first to third year university students. In particular, these students are highly interested or involved in philanthropy, 4 environmental studies, social cause marketing, women and gender studies, native studies, finance, etc. Majority of these studies are directly linked with initiatives that Enactus supports. This target market may already volunteer for a similar type of organization and he or she finds consolation in knowing that multiple social- cause organizations exist. 4.3 Target Market A Profile Michael is a second year commerce student at the Edwards School of Business. He and his three close friends have been looking for ways to get more involved with groups on campus, so they can meet new people and build their resumes for after university. They value their communities and are starting to believe that they can help make change. Michael enjoys watching and playing lots of different sports and he regularly gets his friends to participate in Campus Rec teams. His favorite T.V. shows are Parks and Rec and The Walking Dead. He goes to the bar several times a month, usually to celebrate a friend’s birthday, to hang out with friends, or to try to meet girls. He spends most of his weekdays doing homework but is quick to take a break when an opportunity to go out comes up. He likes going to the movies, especially to see the new Hunger Games. Michael and his friends live with their parents in the Arbour Creek area, which is where they hang out. Michael has been looking for ways to differentiate himself from other students in his year. He has already been looking for ways to gain experience in his field of study, this summer he wants to get...
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