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Many of these organizations aim to improve society in

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Unformatted text preview: l One technological factor that directly affects Enactus is the quick growth of technology. As new products and services are being offered, it is becoming more and more difficult for many organizations to compete. As social media is one of the fastest growing facets of technology, it is crucial that Enactus is up to date with the latest technologies. In 2011, 71% of businesses were on Facebook and 59% were using Twitter; these numbers are the exact reasons as to why Enactus needs to maintain an online presence (Huffington Post, 2011). 3.2.4 Environmental Recently, there has been an increased focus on the overall health of the environment. As this trend continues to grow, it becomes important that Enactus take part in this trend and implement an environmentally responsible component to 2 their organization. As the environment changes, new problems in the environment can emerge, causing Enactus to adopt new initiatives. 3.2.5 Legal Enactus is an organization that works throughout the community. It is crucial that it abides by the rules and regulations set by society, and the government. Whether this is ensuring their events follow city occupation laws or making sure their posters are approved by the university, all these legal requirements must be met in order to be a reputable student organization. 3.3 Competition As Enactus is a student run organization, there is a lot of direct competition that it faces. Whether it is other student run organizations or other organizations around the community that share the same values, there is always the challenge of having your message heard and convincing the audience to chose your organization. Enactus must be proactive when looking for team members, volunteers and sponsors. There is always the chance that another organization is going to be first to reach the community. Through conducting a Zig Zag analysis we identified 12 different student organizations that were in direct competition with Enactus: AIESEC, Edwards School of Business Student Society, Do Something, Engineers Without Borders, Golden Key, National Mining Competition, OxFam, Student Wellness Initiative Towards Community Health, Public Research Interest Group, World University Service of Canada, and JDC West. Many of these organizations aim to improve society in someway. Enactus needs to ensure that they choose the right students and sponsors to target. Please see appendix A for the Zig Zag Analysis Summary. 4.0 Target Audience Selection 4.1 Viable Segments Our main marketing goals focus on students at the University of Saskatchewan. We will use these goals to guide how we will segment and target our market. First we will segment our market geographically from Saskatoon, to the University of Saskatchewan to the different colleges on campus. This is reflected in our objectives by targeting Edwards School of Business (ESB) students because they are the majority of the Enactus population, but also spreading awareness throughout other colleges to increase Enactus’ reach. Next we will use demographic characteristics such as the year enrolled in an undergraduate program. We used psychographics to help us continue to segment our market: undergraduates who are socially aware, looking to better their communities, and are outgoing. They identify with the motivations of creating change, taking advantage of opportunities for the future, looking to make friends, and to improving their resumes. 3 In addition to all these segments we will include another characteristic that we feel is extremely important, which is the stage of behavior change according to the Trans theoretical model. The marketing plan has a timeline of 9 months (including evaluation) and a main goal is to create brand awareness after the re- branding effort....
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