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Unformatted text preview: in to what your followers are interested in.” (Yang, 2013). With the Business package Swayy also gives users analytics, which track new followers and information about them. This package costs $50/month (Swayy, 2013). This program will allow Enactus to post things relevant and similar to its causes and followers interests. Keeping these followers engaged will make them more likely to be recruited by Enactus for volunteering. Social marketing initiatives will be targeted towards all university students because that is the main criteria for an Enactus volunteer. 6.4.7 Promotional Materials The promotional branded material that we will use are a Enactus branded foam cube puzzle that plays off of our core message which is “Infinite Possibilities”. This little puzzle will be used as a give- away during direct marketing interactions such as tunnel, or classroom visits. It is a neat way for students to be engaged with the brand, and take the brand with them where they go. We will be purchasing Enactus branded USB sticks, which will be used for our goals related to volunteers. These USB sticks will be exclusively for Enactus members and Enactus volunteers, as a reward for their service with the initiative. This is an easy way to utilize positive reinforcement as a tool towards retaining and rewarding volunteers. 6.5 Distribution Strategy Our distribution strategy will be focusing on our target audiences. More specifically we will focus on every touch point that our target audiences comes into contact with. Since both the organization and the target groups are located in the University of Saskatchewan, most of this strategy will be focused around the campus. This strategy will also go hand in hand with many of our promotion activities because our main goals are focused around creating awareness, and communicating the necessary information to influence behaviour. We emphasize that it is important to approach the target group rather than rely on them coming to us. Many of our promotional plans involve locations on campus such as the arts tunnel for promotion and potential guerrilla marketing tactics, as well as various classrooms for possible classroom informational visits. Locations around campus for Get FocUSed will also be included. 12 Going to classrooms is an important distribution strategy for this campaign. If we can get into classrooms that are target audiences are in and give information, we can create awareness and directly control how our audiences receive our message. Even writing messages, websites, or meeting information on the chalkboards of classrooms is effective for giving target students the tools to gain more information about the organization when they are sitting in class. Creating awareness and influencing behaviour is key to accomplishing both the goals. This is why an important distribution tactic will be to either go to get more involved in university events that bring potential students to campus, or pre enrolled students to campus. One of these events is the “Get FocUSed” event on campus that brings curious students, admitted students, and applicants to the university to give them a chance to get more information on programs, campus, and what being a student at the university is like. This is a good chance for Enactus to create awareness early and give them a chance to get early volunteers that will stay with the initiative over several years. Other points where students can find information are also important distribution channels of information. The main ones are the Enactus office, its website, and social media platforms. The places that students can get information about the organization does not need to be a physical location and that is why Internet channels are also important. Another...
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