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There would be two enactus team members handing out

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Unformatted text preview: room doors • Posters that look doors around several colleges door entrances. • Classroom visits • Social media interaction • Freestanding door moved around campus Messaging: • “If opportunity knocks, will you answer?” • “Every Door is a new opportunity, let’s open them!” • “You never know what the future may hold” • “Every door brings new opportunity” Theme: Origami as Infinite Possibilities. Activities: • Tunnel Visits • Strategic pre folded pamphlets that include contact and organization information • Origami pinned to the roof • Classroom visits • Get FocUSed • College newsletters Messaging: • “Impossible is potential” – Anonymous 7 • • • “Entrepreneurship is like origami a large mix of trial and error, luck, and serendipity” “Luck = opportunity + preparedness” “The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Peter Drucker 6.2 Product The core product that Enactus produces for its volunteers is the intangible idea of providing an opportunity to young individuals to help improve their communities. This can also be considered an attribute of joining the organization. The actual product, or benefits that consumers receive when they engage in the opportunity includes meeting new people, and building leadership, teamwork and networking skills. Through these skills, a consumer can increase the value of his or her resume. This leads to an increase in career options. The product that Enactus provides for the community (i.e. individuals who are aware of the organization’s existence) is the knowledge that Enactus contributes to the well being of society. The actual product received is being a part of a community whose members are continually challenging the status quo. The awareness can inspire others to engage in volunteerism, help empower the community’s youth, and restore faith in humanity and pride in being a part of the local area. 6.3 Price The price of volunteering for or joining Enactus includes many non- economic factors. The main cost associated is the sacrifice of time and energy. Another factor is the opportunity cost of other behaviours that the potential volunteer could be doing with his or her time. These activities might include earning money or studying. In order for Enactus to attract students, they must show that the costs of volunteering are lower than the benefits. Several things should be done to minimize the costs of volunteering, which include: • Only 10 hours a semester is needed to be a member of Enactus. • Time management comes easiest to those who are busy. • Working and academics are only a part of life; be a well- rounded individual through volunteering. Communicating with potential volunteers about the hour requirements of Enactus informs them that the time required to make a difference in the community is minimal. Volunteering also allows the audience to put their membership with Enactus on their resume. 8 Enactus should also be emphasizing the benefits of volunteering for the organization, which include physical, mental, community and career benefits. The physical and mental benefits are common to all types of volunteering. Many of these benefits “last long after the (volunteering) experience ends” (Wilson, J.; & Musick, M., 1999). These benefits may include but are not limited to improved physical and mental health, and correction of antisocial behaviour (Wilson, 1999). The community benefits are specific to Enactus’ causes. Some of the benefits of the organization’s causes include feeding the hungry, supporting aboriginal achievement, and educating young women of their future financial options (Enactus, 2013). In addition to these causes, the organization’s mission towards bettering the community is important to volunteers (Lee, Y.; & Won, D., 2011). In regards to an Enactus volunteer’s career, the organization can present opportunities to stud...
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