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We also decided to use building entrance doors

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Unformatted text preview: ate it”- Peter Drucker In addition to these messages will be Enactus’ main marketing tagline “Infinite Possibilities”. To make the experience more interactive, we can ask students to open the door and look at an abstract image, and decipher what they see. Enactus team members will give out candy to provide a small incentive to participate and fully understand the potential Enactus possesses. Please see Appendix D for an image example. We chose this image because our team evaluated the image and all saw different objects. In addition to the freestanding door structure, posters will be placed around the University on classroom doors and building entrances to further illustrate this theme. The posters will have a background of a door with the Enactus logo, contact information, current initiatives, and how to get involved. Please see appendix E for a door themed poster. 10 The origami and “Open the Door to Future Opportunities” campaigns can be directed at both target markets to achieve the goal of increased overall awareness at the university. We feel that it is necessary that this campaign targets all students, because Enactus volunteer criterion is that students need to be volunteers. 6.4.3 Weekly Email Newsletters Additional marketing initiatives that we feel would be beneficial for Enactus would be write- ups in the EBS Student Society newsletter and EBS Undergraduate newsletter. The emails would target ESB students who are in the contemplation stage of deciding on where and to devote their volunteer hours. These emails would ensure that information about possible opportunities are circulating and that contact information is readily available. Please see appendix F for contact information for EBSS information, as well as Brooke Klassen, Director of the Edwards School of Business Undergraduate and Certificate Programs. Brooke compiles and sends an email once a week. 6.4.4 T.V. Slides In addition to college newsletters there should be presentations for the TVs around campus. These “presentations” would be a slide that acts as digital promotion around campus. The content in these slides would be targeted towards all university students in attempts to increase awareness of Enactus around campus. As Enactus is a ratified student group, they are allowed free marketing on all T.Vs around campus. Please see appendix G for an example slide for campus TVs. In addition please see Appendix F for contact information of Ryan Hockley, Software and Training Spet. 6.4.5 Face- to- Face As face- to- face interaction is a very good way to spread information, we recommend classroom visits. 100 levels, philanthropic, social science, commerce, and entrepreneurial focused classes are a great place to start. Please see appendix H for a list of course names and professors. This targets the goal of raising awareness to all university students. The speaker(s) will talk about the scope of Enactus, current events, accomplishments, and contact information. 6.4.6 Social Media It is very important to be up to date on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. As this is very difficult for many organizations, Enactus should appoint one member to be in charge of all social media platforms. Whether this be updating the current event information or posting photos of current activities, this task is critical for the success of Enactus’ initiatives. One suggestion for keeping social media contacts interested in Enactus is the social media tool Swayy. What Swayy does is: “By analyzing your posts, audience engagement and your followers’ interests, Swayy provides custom curated content 11 that matches your brand’s image. After linking your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn account to the dashboard, Swayy provides a list of trending sources and topics that match your audience, so you’re tuned...
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