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Factions are like o o you cannot cure factions you can

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Unformatted text preview: nwash) would be the only way, free will. • Factions are like o o • you cannot cure factions. you can only treat them You can moderate them Two Types of Faction o minority faction §༊ any faction that is comprised of less then the majority §༊ Madison says the best way to moderate them is to give them a voice in government, this will appease them, and because they are a minority they will not get things done. o Majority Faction §༊ • he says that we can moderate them through checks and balances Interest groups o An organized group of people that makes policy related appeals to the government o functions/activities of interest groups §༊ §༊ mobilization §༊ information §༊ education §༊ • representation monitoring How do Groups Form? o David B truman §༊ Two Conditions for interest group formation §༊ §༊ §༊ shared attitudes claims others Disturbance Theory §༊ Ties changes in social is...
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