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Occupy wall street would not have happened if the

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Unformatted text preview: sues, technology, and politics to the changes that we are seeing in interest groups. §༊ Occupy Wall Street, would not have happened if the economy was not shitty right now. o Robert Salisbury §༊ Proliferation Hypothiests §༊ the increasing complexity and inerdependece in society leads to the develompemtn of more and more groups §༊ Homeostatic Hypothiess §༊ groups usually remain in equilibrium; however, and exogenous shock (shush as a technological advance or an event) can alter the balance. new groups will form to restore equilibrium. • The Prisoner's Delemma o • notorious big in the movie Notrious What makes a group? o groups need members o Benefits §༊ §༊ purposive Benefits are provided to overcome the free-rider problem Who Joins groups? o • social §༊ • material §༊ o informational usually tends to be well off educated people Which Intests are Represented o economic s...
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