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Individuals corporation or labs union but they must

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Unformatted text preview: e purpose of influencing an issue, policy , appointment or election, be it feral, state or local §༊ such organization can raise unlimited funds from individuals, corporation or labs union, but they must register with the IRS and dislike their contritions and expenditures §༊ all political commutes that register and file reports with the federal election commission are 527 organizations, but not all 527's are federally registered. o 501 C §༊ nonprofit, tax-exempt groups organized under section 501 c of the inernal revenue code §༊ engare in varying amounts of political activity, depending on the the of groups §༊ 501c3 groups operate for religious, charitable, scientific or educational purposes §༊ §༊ §༊ cannot influence elections, but can do voter drives boys and girls club, sal val, ect. 501c4 groups are commonly called "social welfare" organizations §༊ • aarp, nra, ect Lobbying in Action o for every one dollar a group spent on lobbying groups revived §༊ §༊ if you lobby senate appropriation committee, you make 18-29 per dollar house appropriation committee, you make 49-55 per dollar...
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