Journey into the Small Intestine 2014

Gastrin also opens pyloric sphincter gastrin results

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Unformatted text preview: n ↑ Pancreatic ↔ Brunner’s ↑ & intestinal ulcers Brunner’s • Kidney failure ↔ gastrin ↑ • Common issue = excess GASTRIN – Effects on acid secretion? – Gastrin – also opens pyloric sphincter – Gastrin results from stomach? Effects on pH? results Problem: Problem: Brunner’s hyperplasia • Cystic fibrosis – Inherited disorder of sweat, mucus glands – Thick & sticky secretions block ducts Thick block Pancreatic ducts Bring to duodenum (1)Enzymes (2)Bicarbonate Response to acid digesta Response • Secretin – Stimuli = ACID, fatty acids, volume ↑ Stimuli – Source = Small intestine mucosal cells – Targets = epithelial (lining) cells of Targets • pancreas pancreas • bile duct bile – Effects = BICARBONATE release – Feedback = ↑ pH (-)’s secretin release Feedback release pH gradient gradient • Uses? – Reach optimal pH for pancreatic NZ Reach optimal function function – Microbial control – Toxin neutralization (some) – Parasite control Bicarbonate production Bicarbonate NaHCO3 NaCl CO2 H2O alkaline Intestinal Lumen & Pancreatic duct zinc HCl Carbonic anhydrase Optimum pH = 7.0 ACID Bloodstream Pancreas epith...
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