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Journey into the Small Intestine 2014

Secretin secretin explore further secretin autism some

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Unformatted text preview: elial cell Species differences Species DOG Dog: Dog: pancreatic duct separate separate from common bile from duct duct Cat: Cat: pancreatic duct and common bile duct empty into common cistern cistern CAT Secretin – wait there’s more! Secretin Secretin – explore further! Secretin • Autism: – Some forms include imbalance of Neurotransmitter production from circulating peptides – Administer Secretin (injection, transdermal) to stimulate peptidases to break up peptides into amino acids instead – Result = ↓ neurotransmitter formation, 40% improvement in behavior, signs (UK Autism Research Center) CCK CCK • CCK = cholecystokinin – Peptide hormone in gastrin family Peptide gastrin – Source = I cells of duodenum & jejunum (other forms in CNS and serum) (other CCK CCK • Stimuli = H+ (acid), amino acids, fatty acids – Stimuli all coming into duodenum with digesta all • Targets: • • • • Stomach (smooth muscle) Pancreas (acinar cells - secretory) Gall bladder (smooth muscle) Gall (smooth CNS (neurotransmission) GIP GIP • GIP = gastric inhibitory polypeptide – Stimuli = fatty acids, aa’s, glucose – all glucose coming into duodenum coming – Peptide hormone in secretin family – Source = upper small intestine (endocrine) – Targets: • Intestinal smooth muscle (stoma...
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