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10 handout making amides o o n h cl n hydrolysis

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Unformatted text preview: xylic Acids • Reduction OH O • OH 1. LiAlH 4 2. H + Making Acyl Chloride O O SOCl2 pyridine OH Cl v༇ Reactivity of Acid Derivatives O R O > R Cl O O O > R' R O > OR' R most reactive NHR' least reactive v༇ Reactions of Acyl Chlorides ü༏ Making Anhydrides O O O NaO Cl O O ü༏ Making Esters O NaO Cl O O CEM 143 SS 2013 Yu- Ling Lien Ch.10 Handout ü༏ Making Amides O O N H Cl N ü༏ Hydrolysis H 2O O O OH Cl ü༏ Grignard Addition è༎ 3° alcohol 1. 2 equiv. O OH MgBr 2. H + Cl v༇ Reactions of Esters...
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