CEM 143 Practice Exam

Which of the following is the correct structure for

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Unformatted text preview: Yu- Ling Lien Practice Exam Question 51- 54: Categorize the following reactions as: a. Oxidation b. Reduction c. Neither 51. OH O OH 1. LiAlH 4 2. H + 52. CrO 3/H2SO 4 OH O 53. O OH OO H+ H H 54. OH O 55. Which of the following is the correct Fisher projection of the carbohydrate on the left? OH H HO H HO O HO HO OH OH CHO OH H OH H CH2OH H HO H H a CHO OH H OH OH CH2OH HO HO H HO CHO H H OH H CH2OH H HO HO H CHO OH H H OH CH2OH c b d 56...
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