Bayam.2007.MTVs Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election

Aguileras show is similar to drug laws combining

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Unformatted text preview: , Sway leads the ‘‘demonstrators’’ (TRL’s studio audience) in chanting ‘‘CHOOSE . . . OR LOSE!’’ As he passes the camera, he shouts ‘‘we’re coming!’’ Although obviously staged, the scene connotes political activism, perhaps reminiscent of the civil rights movement. Blurring the line between journalism and social advocacy, Sway is further differentiated from a traditional model of journalism, his purpose not just to inform, but to give voice to a group that traditionally has had little expression in the spheres of news or politics. He thus moves away from a notion of journalism as the transmission of information and toward one of journalism as a forum for public voices. Christina Aguilera: Celebrated Expertise Yago’s and Sway’s authority is enabled and bounded by the neo-journalistic institution of MTV News. The next three models of authority, however, originate in the sphere of celebrity. One of these is represented by pop singer Christina Aguilera, who hosts the program Sex, Votes, and Higher Power . Aguilera’s show is similar to Drug Laws , combining emotional narratives with factual explanation of issues including abstinenceonly sexual-education curricula, government funding for shelters for battered women, and abortion. Especially in discussing the latter, the program strives to remain neutral, giving equal voice to a young woman who had an abortion and another who did not, who both say the candidates’ stands on abortion would determine their vote. That segment also explains the president’s role in nominating Supreme Court justices and the current alignment of the court. In most ways, Aguilera’s performance resembles Yago’s. She narrates voice-over written in the language of objective fact and unbiased explanation. Her claims about what is are supported by statistics, soundbites, and standard news footage of Bush and Kerry. She conducts neutral interviews with a range of people, at times asking challenging questions, but never revealing her own stand on the issues. Given the fact that most network news stori...
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