Bayam.2007.MTVs Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election

In an age of discursive integration the assumptions

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Unformatted text preview: ‘people to the hustle of what’s really going on,’’ which itself may be a discursively integrated definition of public-interest journalism, hipping people to the hustle inevitably is a means to an end. Diddy’s model of authority reminds us that information always has an agenda and fact can never be isolated from social value. Conclusion Originally an American phenomenon, MTV has begun expanding its political coverage internationally. MTV-UK, for example, has produced a number of programs featuring Tony Blair, including the recent MTV Base Meets Tony Blair (6 March 2006), broadcast across the United Kingdom and sub-Saharan Africa. The Choose or Lose series 393 Downloaded By: [Ohio State University Libraries] At: 01:44 26 September 2007 394 GEOFFREY BAYM thus serves as an exemplar of a new and increasingly visible kind of youth-oriented journalism. Perhaps because it was produced by MTV, however, or maybe because it targeted the least electorally engaged generation, Choose or Lose garnered minimal attention in the popular press, and virtually none in academic circles. Surprisingly, though, the series was a thoughtful attempt to inform young people about the candidates’ stand on a variety of issues and to educate them about the wider relevance of politics for their daily lives. It strove both to offer a range of factual explanations and connect those explanations to the audiences’ lifeworlds. Admittedly, in many ways it did not look like the traditional paradigm of broadcast journalism. It is important to remember, though, that the professional paradigm is proving to be a brief chapter in the history of news, by Hallin’s (2000) account, consolidating after World War II and dissolving by the end of the 20th century. In an age of discursive integration, the assumptions and practices of the professional paradigm have become fundamentally complicated: contested, porous, and open to experimentation. It is also important to realize that for the DotNet generation, a discursively integrated landscape is not a revol...
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