Bayam.2007.MTVs Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election

In this landscape of multiple and shifting paradigms

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Unformatted text preview: dels of authority (Baym, 2005). Corner and Pels (2003, p. 8) similarly argue that media are being subject to a ‘‘process of de-differentiation’’ and the ‘‘mutual interpenetration of formerly distinct ‘fieldlogics’ or ‘system codes.’’’ A uniform paradigm of journalism is giving way to a porous phenomenon in which the styles, standards, and assumptions of multiple discourses and apparently incompatible paradigms are placed in new and momentary arrangements. In this landscape of multiple and shifting paradigms, the contours of journalistic authority have become uncertain. For young people especially, the traditional professional journalist is no longer resonant, and credibility itself is open to reimagination. From a perspective of discursive integration, MTV News coverage of the 2004 campaign sits at the vanguard in the effort to reconstruct the authoritative journalistic persona. This study now turns to a close reading of the Choose or Lose series and its articulations of journalistic identity. Choose or Lose This study examines MTV’s reports from the national party conventions, as well as nine half-hour and hour-length shows that approached presidential politics from a number of angles. These include 20 Million Questions for John Kerry (original air date 30 March 2004), a profile and interview with the senator, and 20 Million Questions for George Bush (27 October 2004), produced without cooperation from Bush; Work It (25 May 2004), a look at job prospects for young people; On the Trail (6 September 2004), an examination of presidential campaigning; Sex, Votes, and Higher Power (29 September 2004) and Drug Laws (18 October 2004), which explore the legal and political contours of drugs and sexual Downloaded By: [Ohio State University Libraries] At: 01:44 26 September 2007 JOURNALISTIC AUTHORITY ON MTV issues; The Best Place to Start (21 September 2004), actress Drew Barrymore’s film about youth engagement with politics; Hip Hop Politics (10 October 2004), a program on innercity culture and presidential politics; and the curious TRL Choose-or-Lose Rally E...
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