Bayam.2007.MTVs Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election

Sway cultural differentiation like yago the reporter

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Unformatted text preview: l , he frames the Bush and Kerry campaigns as a rock-and-roll show, and equates their oft-repeated taglines with a band’s ‘‘greatest hits.’’ That is illustrated by a scrolling graphic listing their taglines like song titles on an advertisement for a compilation CD. He also emphasizes that Kerry played in a band in his youth, and then asks the senator if there are any ‘‘trends in music and popular culture’’ that he finds interesting. Most producers of youth-oriented news assume that popular culture is the ‘‘leading force’’ in young people’s lives and the foundational ground from which their appreciation of the political sphere begins (Sherr and Staples, 2004). For Yago, his fluency in pop culture allows him to blend the authority of institutional hierarchy with the persuasiveness of cultural familiarity and bridge the spheres of news, politics, and entertainment. Sway: Cultural Differentiation Like Yago, the reporter Sway moves fluidly between MTV’s journalism and entertainment programming, co-hosting the TRL Rally Edition and also filing reports from the party conventions and anchoring the program Drug Laws. The latter explores the politics and personal implications of US drug laws. Interweaving emotional narratives about young people’s legal troubles with factual explanation, history, and commentary from law enforcement and activists, it covers minimum mandatory sentences, laws prohibiting convicted drug users from receiving federal financial aid for college, and government support for faith-based rehabilitation programs. The show further explains Bush’s and Kerry’s stands on each of the issues. Here Sway resembles Yago, assuming the position of institutional authority, speaking in the voice of objective fact and explanation. At the same time, he also positions himself as youth representative, explaining that drug laws are ‘‘our issue, a young person’s issue.’’ If Yago is an updated version of an old model * white and male, insisting upon...
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