Bayam.2007.MTVs Coverage of the 2004 Presidential Election

The analysis here offers a textual analysis of those

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Unformatted text preview: dition (21 September 2004), in which the network’s Total Request Live * a daily entertainment program that promotes the latest trends in teen-oriented music and fashion * devoted much of its content time to a series of segments on the presidential campaign. It is difficult to consider the Choose or Lose series a single entity. Rather it is a shifting blend of pop culture and political news, a set of multiple configurations each driven by a different model of journalistic authority. The analysis here offers a textual analysis of those various models. The interpretive labor is less to catalogue the informational content than it is to demarcate the differing claims to credibility constructed in the series. In all, it identifies five discursively integrated models of journalistic identity. The first two are represented by MTV’s primary anchor Gideon Yago and the reporter known as ‘‘Sway.’’ The next three, represented by pop singer Christina Aguilera, Drew Barrymore, and hip-hop star P Diddy, blend the domains of celebrity and journalism in differing ways. Each of the five reworks, challenges, or rejects traditional paradigmatic assumptions of what a journalist should be. Gideon Yago: Neo-anchor As MTV’s primary anchor, Gideon Yago appears regularly, including the two 20 Million Questions programs, Work It , and On the Trail . These cover a range of issues that MTV’s own polling suggested were important to younger Americans, including the top concern: the economy and jobs. That provides the focus for Work It , which interweaves a reality TV-style narrative about young people looking for work with factual reports that explain traditional differences between Republican and Democratic economic policies and investigate the rising trend of outsourcing and its implications for the US job market. The other programs explain the basic positions of the two presidential candidates, offering biographical sketches of both and interviews with John Kerry and a variety of Republican spokespeople. Although these programs contain an element of the ‘‘boxers-or-briefs’’ approach that many...
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