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intramuscular saturated unsaturated polyunsaturated

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Unformatted text preview: Perirenal Subcutaneous Intermuscular Intramuscular Adipose Development Mesenteric Perirenal Subcutaneous Intermuscular Intramuscular Fat / Lipid Subcutaneous Seam / Intermuscular Marbling / Intramuscular Saturated Unsaturated Polyunsaturated Lauric 12:0 Myristic 14:0 Plamitic 16:0 Stearic 18:0 Arachidic 20:0 Palmitoleic 16:1 Oleic 18:1 Gadoleic 20:1 Linoleic 18:2* Linolenic 18:3* Moroctic 18:4 Arachidonic 20:4* *Essential Fatty Acids Species varia8on in fat deposi8on 100 80 60 40 20 0 Kidney Ca=le Intermuscular Sheep Swine Subcutaneous Poultry Growth of fat in swine. Growth of fat in ca=le Effect of frame score on growth and composi8onc Effec...
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