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Plos genetics 2007 3779 786 effects of manipulating

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Unformatted text preview: niature Brahman cattle have mutation on GH gene. The C to T change encoded a mutation (threonine to methionine) at amino acid 200 (T200M mutation). à༎Decreased binding affinity of mutant GH to GHR Frame-shift mutation One base pair insertion ATG CGA AGC ACG T One base pair deletion Met Arg Ser The Belgian Blue bull showing the double muscling phenotype Myostatin protein Piedmontese Beef with Myosta8n gene muta8on Piedmontese Normal Beef Myosta8n protein A 2-bp Deletion at Nucleotides 939 and 940 of the dog MSTN Coding Sequence n/n n/m m/m This deletion results in a cysteine à༎ stop codon change at amino acid 313. PloS Genetics 2007. 3:779-786 Effects of manipulating both Myostatin and...
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