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Study Guide for Employment Discrimination 1. What prevents the government (state or federal) from discrimination? 2. To whom does the Civil Rights Act of 1964 apply? 3. Before the Civil rights Act of 1964, was there any law that forbade private employers from discriminating? 4. Who enforces the CRA? 5. What is the procedure from bringing suit under the CRA? 6. What are the elements that one must show in court to prove INTENTIONAL DISCRIMINATION? 7. What is a prima facie case? 8. What are the elements that one must prove in court to win a DISPARATE IMPACT case? 9. What is the four-fifths rule? 10. What does the statute 42 U.S.C. Section 1981 provide? 11. Why would anyone use this statute to sue for discrimination instead of the CRA? 12. What doe we mean by “reasonable accommodation” under the “religion” part of the CRA? 13. May an employer ever advertise for a male or a female employee? 14.
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Study_Guide_for_Employment_Discrimination - Study Guide for...

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